The concept Biophilia is part of the research project "Design for an energy efficient everyday campus life in Albano", initiated by Green Leap at KTH. The concept is created by Camilla Andersson, Researcher at KTH. I had the privilege to work with the visualization of the concept and to make rapid prototype models for the exhibition, called Sensing Energy.

Biophilia consists of two parts, Urban Farming and Black Water. In the first part, the student apartments shower and bathroom are replaced with a larger balcony unit where you can grow food. Rainwater is collected by this unit via gutters for irrigation, and is also a place for birds and bees to thrive. Part two, Black Water, integrates the facade with the  building's sewage treatment plant.

The waste water is led through pipes on the outside of the building and is part of a biological system that produces nutrition for the plants in the surrounding area. The gas that is produced can be used for lighting in the residents common outdoor areas, and the sewage treatment tanks are also seating areas.

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