Light workshop

Light & Design Summit workshop, organized by Ames Studio and Philips Lighting, at Elmässan 2015 in Kista. I was one of the admitted students from Konstfack who attended the workshop, together with students from Beckmans College of Design and Ljushögskolan i Jönköping.

The workshop was to create a prototype lamp using three LED light sources with Philips HUE technology. I, Fabian Bender and Ida Björses designed a luminaire for dark public spaces. The lamp is designed to provide two different expression by changing brightness, light and color temperature of the LED light sources.
Expression 1 - Convey a sense of security and welcoming feeling to make an unsafe place safer.
Expression 2 - Convey a sense of discomfort to confirm that the site may be unsafe and thus get the viewer to be vigilant.

Materials: 3 HUE LED lights (2 in the luminaire, 1 to illuminate the fixture from below), waxed paper, foam board, steel wire.

Links: Ames studio / philipshue / Konstfack / Beckmans / Jönköping University